Are We Ever​/​As One (Feat. Kyra Simone & David Mensah)

by Fdot1

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Inspired by recent events.

ALL money from this track will be donated to the family of the late Eric Garner via the Indiegogo fund that has been set up by Eric Garner's daughter


Are We Ever/As One – Lyrics
Man it hurts my heart what I see on da news
Another n*gger dead must be huntin’ season
Cos e’ry 28 hours cross da pond in da States
Da minority report says
Another black face comes face to face wid fate and loses
Even wid video evidence shit’s confusin’
But da conscious mind wid common sense, will only accept da true version of events
See what u say ‘n’ what I see are polar opposites
So I’ma stand my ground right here, right now
For a better tomorrow coz my life’s worth something
Don’t need your approval or acknowledgement
Either you ridin’ for change or u against me
Can’t nuttin’ compare to a man prepared to die fa what he truly believes
So I declare I will NOT stand silent while u murder my kids.
Are we ever
Gonna live together
Learn to love each other
Exist as one
Feels like da world dun forgot what’s goin’ on in Gaza
Dey busy runnin’ da next trend - a cure for Ebola
It didn’t matter ‘til da faces of da victim changed
Now da race is on ta stop it in mid flight
Nah this ain’t a movie though we watchin’ da skyfall
Bombs landin’ on houses, where do orphans go?
Can somebody tell me I wanna know
Coz my state o’ mind just can’t fathom dis yo…
Wish my eyes were deceivin’ me
After what I just seen
A little part of me died
When I heard him screamin’ - I can’t breathe.
Are we ever
Gonna live together
Learn to love each other
Exist as one
Whether you believe it or not we are at war
Not border to border but da haves against da poor
Listen! It ain’t a colour ting no more
Update ya definition change ya field o’ vision
Cos only den can you I.D. da enemy
‘N’ it ain’t who ya think it is
We need to stand tall take da mask off
Get at ‘em head on so dey see da pain
Dat runs deep - within da subconscious
Hatin’ on religion stereo-typical nonsense
Don’t like ‘em coz dey gay
Don’t like ‘em coz dey black
Don’t like ‘em coz dey different
Man fuck dat
Black Friday prize fightin’ to keep the corp’rates fed ‘n’ in da black
Now datz profit
Still slaves to this material trade
It’s survival of da smartest cos da fittest ain’t brave
Are we ever
Gonna live together
Learn to love each other
Exist as one

Dedicated to the memory of Eric Garner, Smiley Culture, Mike Brown, Mark Duggan, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and so many others, rest in peace…


released December 13, 2014
Vocals: Fdot1, Kyra Simone and David Mensah
Produced by: Fdot1



all rights reserved


Fdot1 UK

Fdot1 (or Flo as he is known to most) was born in Barbados, raised in New York, Toronto, Manchester and Harare and is now resident in London, UK. Flo's cultural experiences heavily influence his style both musically and lyrically. Fdot1’s style is truly unique. Fdot1 is a producer and songwriter and has worked with Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Sizzla, Durrty Goodz and UK hip hop pioneer Malarchi. ... more

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